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Beware! Use caution when reading articles about social recruiting…

Take a look at your Linkedin feed and you’re almost bound to come across several articles talking about utilising social media as a way of securing new clients for your recruitment agency. You’ll see titles like ‘Tweet Your Way to Recruitment Success’, ‘Instagram for Recruiters’ and ‘Social Recruiting is the Future’.

There’s some validity in these articles, I’ll give them that. Social media is an important tool in recruitment and any agency that doesn’t utilise them well is putting themselves at a disadvantage. But many of these types of articles are simply regurgitated guff that isn’t based on experience or evidence.

‘Instagram is the Future of Recruiting’!!!!!! 

Just last week, I came across an article that told me ‘Instagram is the Future of Recruiting’. The article was telling me just how popular Instagram was and how it should be the premier channel for sourcing candidates and raising the profile of a recruitment agency, regardless of sector. Apparently you should take lots of pictures of your office, your office kitchen and pictures of you doing crazy things like going to the pub after work and larking about in the office.


OK, I’m not here to deny Instagram can be effective. It can. For example, if you’re a digital recruitment agency specialising in tech startups, of course Instagram is going to be a reasonably effective way of engaging with potential clients and candidates. But what if you’re recruiting in a more traditional industry? What if you’re recruiting industrial engineers? Oil rig workers? Investment managers? Nurses? Are they spending lots of time on Instagram in a professional capacity? Probably not. And you know what else? They probably won’t care about your pictures of you all messing around in the office or having a Great British Bake Off day. They may however use other social media, so it’s up to you to know your industry and the habits of your targets.


What I’m saying is yes by all means utilise social media, but use what is relevant to you and your  business. Just because you’re not utilising every social channel available then that doesn’t necessarily have to be a bad thing. Understand what you want to get out of social media, know which social channels your targets are using (whether clients or candidates)  and utilise them. And ignore a lot of the nonsense written about social recruiting… just do what is effective. Simple really isn’t it?

I’d love to hear your views on this.

Beware! Use caution when reading articles about social recruiting…

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