Thinking Of Getting A New Website? 10 Questions To Ask Your Designer…

Is Your Recruitment Agency Website’s Design Helping or Hindering Your Business?

Despite what many people think, there are only two things to think about regarding a recruitment agency’s website.

  1. Does it get a good amount of traffic?
  2. Does a good proportion of that traffic convert to new clients/candidates?

Absolutely everything else is irrelevant.

But surely, if I build it, people will come?

Unfortunately, lots of web designers subscribe to the ‘if you build it, they will come’ style of web design, where they’ll try and tell you the more complex, flashy and complicated the design of the website, the more visitors it will get. They couldn’t be more wrong.

So if you suspect your website is underperforming or you are thinking about getting a new site designed, here are some questions to ask any recruitment web designer.

The 10 questions you need to ask when designing a recruitment agency website

Does my website pass the 3 second rule?

Did you know that approximately 90% of traffic will leave your website without doing anything if you don’t engage with them in the first few seconds? That means your recruitment web design must take into account both the speed that your website loads and how engaging your content is to your visitors.

Is my site mobile responsive?

Depending upon what statistics you read, between 51 and 70% of internet searches are now done on mobile devices (iPads, phones, tablets) and the figures are growing. That means if your site isn’t optimised for these sort of devices (as well as traditional desktop computers and laptops), you’ll risk two outcomes. You’ll risk losing your search rankings because Google has confirmed it views mobile responsiveness as important. Secondly, because your site is more difficult to use, your conversion rate will be much less than it should be.

Who is in charge of my website? Me or the web designer?

Some web designers can be a bit sneaky and register the website domain name in their own name. Thus, it is their property and this could be problematic in the future if the relationship breaks down. Also, some designers use bespoke content management systems that only they have access to and can use. Once again, this can be problematic if you ever want to use a different provider. For this reason, we always use WordPress, the world’s most popular CMS. Other reputable designers may use WordPress, Joomla, Drupal or another well known CMS. WordPress is especially easy to use enabling you to make changes to the website, add jobs etc and move to another host if you need to.

Does my site have headlines that catch people’s attention?

Ever read a newspaper? Of course you have. The headlines are really important aren’t’ they? It’ those that draw you in and make you want to read the story in question. Your website is no different and you should pay close attention to your headlines and titles.

Does my site have up-to-date content that is useful, relevant and engaging?

Content is king and  not only does it have to be useful informative and engaging, but it has to be well written too. Is it answering the questions that your visitors will have? Is it easy to read? Is it grammatically correct and well formatted? It’s your website’s content that speaks to your potential clients and candidates. Make sure it is saying the right thing and saying it well.

Is my website optimised for Google? (SEO)

As well as some web designers forsaking usability for style, many also will forget that a site needs to be structured in line with Google’s guidelines. That means things like giving the site a logical structure, using relevant titles, headings and tags as well as correctly targeting each page for relevant keywords.